What does ‘Pending’ on Snapchat mean and how Fix it

When the term ‘pending’ on Snapchat appears next to a message, it implies that the app is experiencing difficulty sending the message.

A grey arrow will also show next to the word.

This generally indicates that you are not friends with the person to whom you are attempting to send the message. It may have been a mistake on your part, or your Snapchat friend could have deleted you or their whole Snapchat account.

A Snapchat “pending” label is often displayed next to a friend’s name on the Chat tab, next to a friend’s name on their profile, and within a DM or conversation. In contrast to a generic error notice, a Snapchat pending warning indicates that the app will keep attempting to send until it is either received or you explicitly cancel the entire process.

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It is not always your Snapchat account that displays an error message; sometimes it is the other person’s Snapchat account that is to blame for the issues you are seeing. We’ve outlined the causes for this, as well as what Pending implies on Snapchat.

pending on snapchat

Here are the common reasons why ‘Pending’ shows on Snapchat


The individual has not accepted your friend request. Before Snapchat may send a message to a user, they must confirm the friend request.

You have been unfriended by your friend: While you and the user may have previously been Snapchat friends, the user may have opted to reduce their friend list.

You are blocked by a friend: Because Snapchat does not notify you if someone has blocked you, this might be the cause of the pending message. However, someone who blocks you on Snapchat will usually be entirely hidden from you.

Your smartphone or tablet is not connected to the internet: While offline, Snapchat will not function and will display a “Waiting to send” pending message till your smart device reconnects to a cellular or Wi-Fi network.

Why ‘Pending’ shows in Blue

When you see Pending in Blue on Snapchat, it means the other person has seen your message. It’s similar to what WhatsApp displays us when the other person opens and reads the message.

Double Check!

There’s also the possibility that your message is “waiting” because the app has got some glitches.

If you wish to double-check, uninstall and then reinstall Snapchat. Even a simple restart of your iPhone or Android smart device may frequently resolve issues like these.

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