What is User Experience (UX) in Web Design?

When starting your own business or setting up your own website or developing a new software, clients may often find themselves stuck in a conundrum when it appears that their product seems to be lacking usability or seems unfit for efficient delivery to its users. UX, or User Experience, is something that should be considered as a crucial part of the design process from the very beginning. Those that fail, or forget, to take it into account do mostly end up suffering from setbacks. All that can be avoided with the help of UX!

How User Experience (UX) works

User experience, or UX, is a technique and a system that focuses on improving and increasing the overall convenience, applicability and satisfaction that a customer may derive from the product he/she are interacting with. However, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are two different categories and should not be confused with each other. User Interface refers to the basic, grass-root level elements you get to see such as hyperlinks, buttons, icons etc. that are used to enhance the level of interaction you are having with the device or web page content. User experience goes beyond that and encompasses much more. UX dives into the total affectivity and relations a user may feel and experience when visiting a website or using some product. UX aims to appeal to visual perception because let’s face it, no one will be interested in your product or website if they cannot even figure their way around it! And this is exactly where UX comes in handy.

UX Teams and Visual Designers

Information Architects, or IAs, help you with mapping and structuring relevant information and coordinating in ways that would best aid in the effectiveness of your product. They can research about and organize your information with their capabilities of understanding how your product could be made accessible in the most user friendly yet unique way.

Then, we have visual designers who are trained professionals in the art of feasting the eyes! Visual designers can help up your game by creating lasing and bold impressions on your users. People remember colors and people remember shapes and this is what helps draw a client in further. Careful and tasteful use of these elements would help bring your product, device, service or website to life. Visual design is essential to creating strong ties with your customers. The more proper and well refined your product looks, the better.

UX teams also consist of usability testers and as it seems pretty self-explanatory, usability testers actually have a very fundamental role to play in User Experience. They actually run scripts and test codes and conduct researches to see what would be the most desired way people would prefer to interact with your product. A little market research would go a long way!


There are also CSS/HTML designers who are skillful in the crafting and strengthening the user synergy design of your product.This comes along with Front-end developers makes sure that the traffic received from your product or service are well maintained. Services are well documented and well coded and it minimizes the amount of server calls.

UX can help you aim for strong benchmarks and can aid you in building strong interfaces for your clients. Many successful websites such as daraz.pk and Amazon have been using the same UX and UI for years. They are doing so very successfully to this day. Creating and outlining around a magnificent user experience is everybody’s concern. From the principal portray to the last item, how something works ought to be discussed at all times.

Final Thoughts:

In all honesty, products, websites or services that lack effective UX and an understanding of the UX model. They fail to flourish and there have been many recorded instances of failed institutions and businesses. So, don’t sit and beat around the bush! Let’s get to it and start working and contact us for all your UX related queries.

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