What makes Samsung Galaxy S6 to be the best throughout

What makes Samsung Galaxy S6 to be the best throughout (A Review)

What makes Samsung Galaxy S6 to be the best throughout the world is a dreadful discussion these days that is on air on a lot of platforms, blogs and sites. Believe me, I wasn’t been aware of the worth of the device (Samsung Galaxy S6), I have been using for my reviews from long. The device has a lot many things that will answer your question in a detailed and precise manner. Which includes the power of its CPU, the strength of its glass and the visibility of its display along with the smooth performance been given by its RAM and the swift I/O operations by its ROM. All these things have been discussed in a comparison mode in our review below. Everything they say is,

“Next is now”


It’s from the manufacturing team of Samsung saying about the device that may clarify the question “What makes Samsung Galaxy S6 to be the best throughout”, ” This is a device unlike anything we’ve designed before. It perfectly reflects what we love most about technology -taking what’s next and putting it into people’s hands now.”

Metal & Glass, materials that usually don’t go together have created never seen beauty in an elegant and balanced design, Samsung Galaxy S6 features damage resistant corning Gorilla glass 4 on both sides, while the special metal used is 50% stronger than other smartphones. Never the less, all these things have been introduced in a 138g weighted case.

Refined finish: The finely crafted metal frame curves down to meet the sleek glass surface combining in a refined finish. The solid and stable grip will fit perfectly in your hands.

Reflective Surface: With the thin optical film layer embedded under the glass, the beautifully curved surface reflects light brilliantly and shows more depth of colors in an elegant way.


What makes Samsung Galaxy S6 to be the best throughout the world?

Not only the design but the display of Samsung Galaxy S6 has also been brilliant throughout. The 5.1″ Quad HD Super AMOLED display will show brilliant, life-like images to astonish your eyes even when you’re outdoors in broad daylight.

What makes the display of Samsung Galaxy S6 unique from all throughout the world ?

This question has two answers which are:

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 has the highest pixel density i-e up to 577 pixels per inch that has never been used in the display of any smartphone, even the iPhone 6 as well. This much of larger integration of pixels enables the screen to play High Quality Content (Video/images), thus ensures the customers of the fact that the display pixels of Galaxy S6 is 77% more than the display pixels of Galaxy S5. This gives an ultimate viewing experience for lively and crisp images. The screen resolution of Galaxy S6 are 1440 x 2560 pixels that is great enough to support high resolution and high density videos and graphics.
  • The second answer is the enhanced outdoor visibility with a brighter display (600cd/mm) along with a powerful rear camera for an unmatched experience. This much of brightness hasn’t been created in any mobile device. In the image below, you will see an unmatched powerful display in a perfect bright day light.

What makes Samsung Galaxy S6 to be the best throughout


What makes Samsung Galaxy S6 to be the best throughout ?

You might have heard of 18 MP and 20 MP cameras in smartphones that are just rumors and there is no such thing. If you have doubt about that, bring them and compare them with the real 16MP camera of Samsung Galaxy S6. You shall see the difference clearly. Samsung Galaxy S6 has a rear camera of 13MP with 5312 x 2988 pixel resolutions. The camera is supported not only by a flash light but a bundle of sensors as well. The lens of the camera has been used with the world’s finest lens manufacturing company also known as Carl Zeiss which manufactures the world’s most clear and fine lenses. The rear camera is also fitted with BSI CMOS sensor, very fast F1.9 lens along with an optical image stabilization system. Samsung also claims that the camera is always at the stand-by mode and can be launched with in a second by tapping the home button two times.

The front camera is also not less than the rear one and is featured with perfect selfie gestures and sensors. By keeping your smartphone in a selfie stick and enabling the feature, you just have to move your palm in front of your face which is been detected by the camera. Galaxy S6 detects your hand and just after two seconds takes a selfie with the timer. The front camera is 5 MP with 2592 x 1944 resolutions. The camera is also supported with a sensor near the rear camera under the flash. By keeping the finger at the sensor while the front camera is ON. A red light senses your finger followed by a click sound and you gets your selfie. 😛

The image below shows your smartphone and its the rear camera ON. Don’t get confused it with a glass. That’s the real worth of Samsung Galaxy S6.

What makes Samsung Galaxy S6 to be the best throughout


Samsung Galaxy S6 comes in 3GB RAM that is the most RAM used till now. The device comes in three different tastes with either 32, 64 or 128 GB(SAMSUNG Manufactured) space depending upon your need and choice.


Samsung Galaxy has a trend of being using Qualcomm processors till the time when there was a crash between the Samsung and Qualcomm specially in the Octacore series. There were rumors that the processor gets heat under load and weakens both the battery life and users interest. Samsung Galaxy S6 has been powered by Samsung’s own home made processor, the SAMSUNG Exynos7420 which has a speed of (2100 x 8 cores) and runs between 800~2100MHz. The architecture of the processor is 64 bit that enables to handle complex projects with ease and provide you the best results shortly. The GPU of GS6 is Mali-T760.


Samsung Galaxy S6 supports all bands of frequencies for data that includes:

  • 2G
  • 3G
  • 4G
  • 4G-LTE

Experiencing the external interface of Samsung Galaxy S6:

Metal and plastic are unmixed elements but when they are mixed scientifically, they gives you an amazing new and adorable look with powerful alloy. The shape has been engineered such that the palm gets perfectly around the metal body, enhancing the grip.

Next level Security:

The Galaxy S6 is the most safe and secure mobile device ever that gives you peace of mind and protects you from security threats. The security elements consists of a strong antivirus, powerful and management tool/ my Knox and last but not the least is the fingerprint scanner. Feel free if your Galaxy S6 is at charge mode or its with your friends or lying at home. The third image below shows the menu centered button that is a button cum fingerprint scanner.

Experiencing the Internal Interface of Samsung Galaxy S6:

What makes Samsung Galaxy S6 to be the best throughout ?

Samsung’s interfaces have always been the same throughout the series. They don’t follow someone’s patent but chase their own standard and general pattern. Being launched with the latest version of API and OS of 5.0.2, the powerful display with large many pixels integration gives you a better sight sensation. The standards have been followed in keyboard and key pad with some elegant colors.


What makes Samsung Galaxy S6 to be the best throughout ?

The ancestors of Samsung Galaxy series had an issue that the battery used to work for a day and not more than that. This was one of the disliking factors. Samsung Galaxy S6 has been launched with a huge capacity battery of 2550 mAH that works for long. Not only the battery but the OS and Samsung’s home made Octa core processor must also be mentioned that works efficiently with less consumption. Consult the images below.

Bench marking Samsung Galaxy S6 with standard apps for its performance:

What makes Samsung Galaxy S6 to be the best throughout ?

The answer can be a single line and that is: Samsung Galaxy S6 is at the top with un-match able features and results with bench mark.

Checking Samsung Galaxy S6 with Antutu:

What makes Samsung Galaxy S6 to be the best throughout ?

Checking Galaxy S6 with Antutu gives you the results after been bench marked. The device at the top is Samsung Galaxy S6. Consult the results in the images below.

Checking with Antutu 64-bit gives you result of 52 thousands and checking it with 32-bit Antutu gives you 59 thousands score. The second snapshot below shows you the stability that shows a little variation after been passed through heavy and complex tasks.

Checking Samsung Galaxy S6 with Vellamo:

What makes Samsung Galaxy S6 to be the best throughout ?

When your Samsung Galaxy S6 is at the top in all categories while checking it with Vellamo. In the images below, the top order rank in all the three (explorer, single core performance and multi core performance) interfaces have been covered by Samsung Galaxy S6. Consult the results below.

There is no need to compare the scores of your smartphone when it is at the top. Others have to check their own smartphones with yours as you are the leading champion.

Checking the graphics of Samsung Galaxy S6 with GPU Bench Mark:

Being powered with the highest ratio processor through out and with the highest DPI over the screen. You will get an un-beatable score if you check your smartphone device with any of the bench marking tools. We have compared the score of our Samsung Galaxy S6 with the newly launched Huawei Honor 4C and the results are bigger for Samsung in both, the overall “score” and in the “screen resolution normalized score”.

Gaming Zone

Games may be an issue for the devices that have low specifications. With Samsung Galaxy S6, you can play almost any type of game depending upon your choice just because Samsung Galaxy S6 is at the top and can play games occupying spaces in Gega-bytes.



The answers to the question “What makes Samsung Galaxy S6 to be the best throughout” are clear at almost every point. Samsung Galaxy S6 is a leading device that will rule over the top for sometime. The device for speed, efficiency, HD movies, games, back-up, selfies, camera, storage, memory, style and display is nothing but Samsung Galaxy S6.

The price range of Samsung Galaxy S6 is 75,000/= PKR that is also available in Pakistan for installments in various banks.

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