What’s Your Instagram Behavior According Your Zodiac Sign

Because Instagram is today’s’ thing,’ it’s not going to be wrong to say that people have already formed expectations of Instagram habits and actions. From those who slip effortlessly into your DMs, to those who post something every day LITERALLY, and then to those who have to comment on every single post they ever come across–it’s a lively world out there! And, unexpectedly, our signs of the zodiac

Llt’s take a look at what your zodiac sign says about your Instagram habits:



These guys on Instagram are super loud and aggressive, surviving on memes and bombarding you with funny DM videos. Often they are guilty to extreme lengths of photoshopping images, their crops and cuts and sizes can hardly be argued against. So the elegant and trendy, the real game-changers are their images.



Not blaming anyone out there, but it is known that our Taurus buddies are slightly materialistic… ehm ehm. They will always show off their ka khaana fancy cafes, their kapray designer and jootay, literally all the lavish things that happen in their lives. They are also known to be great time stalkers, the type that ends up on their ki khala ke betay ke dost ki profile! Yup, it’s quite serious.


These guya, also referred to as’ social media royalty,’ always make you wonder what you’re doing with your life! Their endless exposure of their own personal lives is mostly done in such a way that you will never really appreciate their true state of emotion. They’re going to share almost everything through their InstaStories, but most of it is a façade. I know what you think, it’s time to go and see if there are any.


Shuru emotions or khatam hote hain Cancerians pe. These guys are nostalgic, overthrowing people who find absolute fulfillment in their past memories. They would give up anything to revive the past that they love to post throwbacks to. So the throwback from these guys on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, etc. Either that, or it’s all about the day’s latest senti quote.


These are the accounts that survive on selfies alone. Either taken in the shower, under the bright sunlight or in a dimly lit bar, these guys are top of the selfie game! Okay, we’ve got to credit their confidence because the selfie uploading trend hasn’t recently started to fade?


Now let’s get to our lives with the extreme, no-shit-given souls. I want the world to believe that they are too busy to have fun and that they can’t care less about the whole noise of social media. So these guys either never post it, or rarely post it. Note those accounts that invite you to follow but have no posts on their own. I always think kar ke kia faida hoga is followed by yaar aapko?


Our mates in Libra enjoy promoting harmony and inspiring others. So all the inspirational quotes you see flooding your streams, well now you know from whom they come! The Rumis, the Twains, the Winfreys of Oprah, and the Iqbals. Yup, there’s everything.


Surely these guys are the most competitive, they want their profiles to overshadow all that they know. Their emotional streak often makes them behave on impulse, after which they often end up removing things that have already been written. Kam likes milay tou kia karenge, obviously? Yet, of course. For the likes… and publicity, they’re holding down.


These guys ‘ profiles are the most diverse ever. Most of them are known to post their travel diaries with every single detail, beginning with the bus rides to the interior ka look of the bathroom ke. We often follow several different pages and accounts and are likely to be online at all times. And they are the braver-than-brave souls who really do live chats from Instagram. I mean yeah, sometimes it’s like one per person.


Finding them the vain few of the lot would be fair. They are supposedly concerned about appearances, which means they are very vigilant about the material they share. Because of the entire phoonk phoonk ke qadam rakhna scenario, some may end up having interesting profiles, but their profiles are usually predictable.


Marzi ke maaliks are our Aquarius friends. To prove their point, they post controversial quotations, comment on politics, write super-long InstaStory captions. They do whatever they want, and the opinion of no one will make them swing. Yes, they’re the real visionaries, the leaders. And that is also reflected in their Instagram.


We’ve always heard that these guys are dreamy and romantic. We know exactly how to articulate themselves, which often leads to detailed, well-thought-out remarks from them. Sarcasm can often be deep, which in the meme game often makes them pretty big! Their profiles can be either super emo or super fun, essentially. Have fun finding out at that point in time what you’re going to get.

If you’re practically always on Instagram, some of you might apply to all of these, but you’re certainly unique in your own way! Have we got your Insta Habits right? In the comments section below, share your thoughts with us!

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