How to Check what Personal data WhatsApp has Collected From you

WhatsApp knows a lot about you and its Scary!

Data collection is a very hot topic nowadays specifically after Facebook’s Cambridge Analytics Scandal. According to the UK Data Protection Act 1998, companies should use a soft opt-in approach when it comes to data collection. Soft Opt-in Approach directs to the fact that data collected from users such as email addresses etc. can be used for laying down the basics of marketing communication for any organization. However, the new General Data Protection Regulation- GDPR from EU, gives new rules to the organization for data collection. Like other apps, WhatsApp also collects your personal data however it also gives its users the ability to see what the app know about them.

Thanks to WhatsApp, you give users the ability to see what the app knows about them. The user can request the data however he will not give it immediately, however, the process will take three days.

Check your Personal info WhatsApp has of You:

  • Open WhatsApp, go to ‘Settings’
  • Under settings, there will be ‘Account’
  • In the ‘Account’ page, you will get ‘Request account info’
  • After going to the ‘Request account info’ page – another tab showing ‘Request info’ will appear – click on that
  • The report will be prepared within three days
  • Come back after three days, to the same page, to download the report, where it will be made available

When you will get the report, you will be very disappointed to know that WhatsApp had loads of your information that you were not expecting.

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