WhatsApp allows Android users to hide ‘Last seen’ timestamp



WhatsApp allows Android users to hide ‘Last seen’ timestamp

The most popular messaging app, WhatsApp has included a much-requested feature for the android users i.e. to hide the ‘last seen’.

This feature was previously available on iPhone and on the WhatsApp application downloaded from its official website but wasn’t rolled out on Google Play.
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  • With the ‘last seen’ functionality, people use to keep a close eye on the activity of their friends and it is not wrong to say that many relationships have ended because of that WhatsApp last seen thingy.
  • Another problem that bothered millions of users was that people could monitor their activities and updates on WhatsApp, even if they had deleted a contact from their smartphone.
[/list] [blockquote cite=””] The update doesn’t allow you to hide the “online” timestamp – which means that if you are using WhatsApp at a moment, others can know that you are online.
[/blockquote] [blockquote cite=””] The new update also includes the ability to limit visibility of profile photos and status.

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If you wish to get the new privacy features on WhatsApp, open the app, tap on settings from the menu, then go to Account and there you will find a new option ‘Privacy’ added atop other existing options.
The new features can be used from within the privacy settings.



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