WhatsApp Beta Is Further Testing Vacation Mode To Ignore Archived Chats

WhatsApp keeps on bringing new changes and features to remain in the limelight. We all know that almost half a year back, we heard that Whatsapp is working on a Vacation Mode. After so long, we have come to know that WhatsApp Beta 2.19.101 is further testing a new feature which was earlier dubbed as vacation mode.

WhatsApp Beta 2.19.101 Adds New Feature To Ignore Archived Chats

The new feature that was earlier dubbed as Vacation mode will mute new messages from Archived Chats. It can be selected to ensure that any future messages don’t cause any disruption. The new Whatsapp featureIgnore Archived Chats” is currently under testing. However, it is expected to roll out soon to Android Beta users.

With the latest Beta update, WhatsApp will move the Archived Chats section from the bottom to the main menu. Together with this, the social messaging App will soon allow users to block notifications for the Archived Chats. It was one of the most requested features that will make its way to the users through the upcoming latest Beta Update. However, there had been no official words about the rollout yet. 

This option will stop archived chats from being unarchived when a new message arrives. It will be slightly different from the “Vacation Mode” as vacation mode relied on the chat being previously muted to prevent it from being unarchived. On the other hand, “Ignore archived chats” will prevent both muted and unmuted chats from leaving the archive without any action. In this way, it will make it easier to temporarily ignore certain conversations. Let’s see when will it make its way to your Apps.

Source: WABetaInfo

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