WhatsApp Bring Videos Mute Feature before Sharing

WhatsApp introduces a new feature to mute videos before sharing with anyone. This feature was noticed in the beta version earlier last month and is now being introduced for all Android devices. WhatsApp Android users now can mute the sound on videos with this new option before they set the video on status or share it within the chat. This feature may take some time to available for all android users. There is no information on when iOS users will receive this latest update.

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Videos Mute

WhatsApp tweeted about the feature that Android users will get the latest muting video option. WhatsApp says the implementation is in progress for all users, and it has been officially launched for android users. Make sure you have the new updated WhatsApp version to increase your chances of getting this feature. Try to share a video to a new chat or group or set a video to your status, to verify whether you have this feature or not.

How you can use this Video Mute feature:

  1. Open a chat window or add status and select a video from your gallery to share or to set on the status.
  2. When you select the video, you’ll see a new speaker option right below the video frames where you have the video trim option.
  3. Simply choose the speaker button to mute the video for the recipient or those who see it on your status.

Videos Mute

This feature is useful for those who want to share videos with poor audio quality or have too much background sound in videos. It is also ideal for those who just want to share videos without audio.

If this feature does not appear on your WhatsApp then you need to wait, WhatsApp will gradually update the feature and all android users will have this feature probably by the end of the week. WhatsApp didn’t release any statement when the iPhone users would have the same feature.

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