WhatsApp Business App to Get New Feature Called ‘Catalog’

WhatsApp is going to release a new feature for its business app that is known as ‘Catalog‘. The name suggests that the new feature is developed to facilitate small businesses to display and share their offerings via a distinct catalog of products. This is such an amazing idea that businesses could only share product photos and information with customers one at a time through the WhatsApp Business app.

WhatsApp Business App to Get New Feature Called ‘Catalog’

Once this messaging app creates a catalogue via the new feature then it can be shared as a part of business profile or in a chat while having conversation with a customer using the WhatsApp Business app.

WhatsApp says that:

For each item in the catalogue, a business can add information such as price, description, and product code. Businesses can access the Catalog feature directly from the “Business settings” section of the WhatsApp Business app.

It is very easy to to create catalogues. Businesses have to visit the Settings menu on their WhatsApp Business app and then go to Business settings > Catalog. There they will find options to add multiple images, product or service name, price, description, link, and product or service code. The Catalog page is displaying these options. Other than that, businesses are also able to display different types of products and services that they offer on a single page.

Moreover, WhatsApp has also provided a Catalog button in the sharing menu in order to enable easy sharing of already created catalogues.

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