WhatsApp Changes are About to Come but Only For iOS

WhatsApp is going to make an unexpected alteration to its iPhone app, which will make it trickier for users to share images, webpages and other exciting snippets with your contacts on the service.

At the beginning of the year, WhatsApp launched a new context menu option to make it feasible to send content to your contacts in the application. Just open the context menu (by either long-pressing on whatever you want to share, or using 3D Touch) and you could go through your recently used WhatsApp contacts. You can share the part without having to open WhatsApp first.

WhatsApp Changes are About to Come but Only For iOS

It was a minor update, but a helpful one that erased a frustrating step and made it convenient to send links and memes to your friends and family on a whim.

Recently, WhatsApp has introduced various measures to curb the flow of misinformation amid coronavirus pandemic, which include making it easier to fact-check text messages and introducing a COVID-19 info hub. It has also placed a limit on the number of times a text can be shared to stop lies going viral.

Though, this new change is seemingly not related to these measures and rather an attempt to make the application more secure stable. However, the updated context menu was a good idea, in theory, users have reported frequent crashes while using it.

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As Digit told, the carousel of contacts has now been replaced by a simple icon. Clicking this opens the app, which you can then use to choose who to share the item with.

It’s a trivial inconvenience, but it’s good to see that WhatsApp and Facebook) are taking time to ensure the application is as stable as possible at a time when millions of people are depending on it to keep in contact with friends and loved ones.


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