WhatsApp For iOS Will Get A New Group Call Button

We all know that WhatsApp has introduced the first official public beta program. It will be available in the future for all users having the AppStore version. WhatsApp has been testing new features for many days. Recently, we came to know that WhatsApp For iOS is working to bring some major changes to the group calls or chats.

WhatsApp For iOS Will Make it Easier For You to Arrange Group Calls

Starting a group call with more than one persons is quite hefty. We need to dial the first friend and then we add other people afterwards. So, the procedure becomes quite cheesy. However, WhatsApp has now made it easier for you people to arrange group sessions. With this update, you will see a new Group call button in your group chats. When you will tap that button, it will provide you with a list of all possible participants you can start a call with.
Then you can select up to three persons of your choice to make a group call without going through the fiddly procedure.

After coming to know about this change, WABetaInfo stated that:

“In the older versions, you could start a group call just after a normal call, which was very annoying and required you to start a normal call and after the response of the recipient, you needed to add the other contacts in the call. Thanks to these new improvements, you can directly start a real group call easily, choosing between the voice or video mode.”

It is available for Whatsapp for iOS in the current beta version. Hopefully, it will be rolled out to Android users as well.  All the WhatsApp users are expected to get this all-new group call button in the coming weeks or months. Hopefully, we don’t have to wait too long for this.

Laiba Mohsin

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