WhatsApp Introduces its Voice-Calling Feature for iOS Users

The Facebook-owned company, after introducing “WhatsApp voice calling feature” for Android users, has now begun rolling the feature out to its iOS (iPhone) users. Voice-calling feature for iOS users is another interesting launch after the WhatsApp Web feature.

The launch of “WhatsApp voice calling feature” for iOS is also on test base, the feature will not be available to all Apple device owners at once. As the company said itself that they have planned to slowly roll out the feature in coming weeks.

WhatsApp is already declining the revenues of worldwide carriers as it has 800 million active users. Now we can say that this new voice calling feature will also prove to be serious threat for network carrier revenues. Interestingly, WhatsApp itself handles more messages from its users as compare to global SMS sent each day.

Making WhatsApp more useful than just a mere free text message alternative, the launch of calling for iOS is another great step taken by the text-giant company. And its very useful feature for the users because some time user have run out of balance or may be they don’t have the network due to security reason network supply is cut off then at that time this WhatsApp calling feature plays a vital role for the user to call their friends or to inform someone at the time of emergency.

Due to the day and night work of WhatsApp developers to make it more and more efficient and they did it they have improved its quality. By increasing its quality they have earn maximum attention of the users by providing them the best application so after using this application the user cannot switch to another application.

They have provided the users all in just one application and the interface which is designed user friendly so the user can learn it easily.

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