WhatsApp Introduces Two-Step Verification to Secure its Users

WhatsApp Introduces Two-Step Verification to Secure its Users. The messaging App, whatsApp was testing two step verification feature for past several months. After successfully testing of this feature, WhatsApp has finally rolled out this feature to all its Users.

This feature can be accessed or availed by anyone using WhatsApp on Android, iPhone and windows. Now users can change their phone with no worries of loosing their chats or contacts.

WhatsApp Introduces Two-Step Verification to Secure its Users

WhatsApp two-step verification requires user to provide Six digit passcode. This code will be created by user himself when he registers his phone number with whatsApp. WhatsApp will ask this code from user when they want to register their phone number with the App again.

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This two-step verification is an optional feature. This is amazing feature for those people who want to put extra layer of security on their WhatsApp for safety purposes.

How to Enable Two-Step Verification on WhatsApp?

To enable this optional security feature, users have to open WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable. Before enabling this feature, users will enter their WhatsApp passcode, and provide an email address so that they can recover their account even if they forget the passcode. WhatsApp requires your email so that you can recover the password. Users can also disable the two-step verification via email

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Further, If you have WhatsApp two-step verification enabled, your phone number will not be permitted to re verify on the app within seven days of last using WhatsApp without your pass-code. .

It’s worth noting that the two-step verification will only help if you change your phone or SIM card. It will also come into play if you decide to flash your phone and use a fresh copy of WhatsApp installation. The two-step verification will only make it much harder for people to impersonate your account and will also be handy in case your phone is stolen or lost.

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