WhatsApp Makes it Easier to Find Emojis and Apply Text Fonts

We keep on covering all big and small features introduced by WhatsApp. However we have not mentioned small changes done by messaging App. Among two basic changes made by WhatsApp one is relatively old and other is new and not know n to many. Both improvements are handy and loved. WhatsApp Makes it Easier to Find Emojis and Apply Text Fonts.

WhatsApp had introduced bold, italic and strikennthrough fonts for the ease of users. However it was hard to remember that how to generate these fonts. Finally WhatsApp has offered an update in its 2.17.146 version. The messaging giant has incorporated  Android MS customizable floating text toolbar to change different font types.

WhatsApp Makes it Easier to Find Emojis and Apply Text Fonts

This is the best yet easier way to select fonts instead of manually generating them by complicated keyboard combinations. All you have to do is to select the text you want to change and tap the three dots button in toolbar. Upon clicking on it, you can choose whether you want bold, italic, strikethrough or monospace.

WhatsApp Makes it Easier to Find Emojis and Apply Text Fonts

Second change is the new emoji search option. This is visible on WhatsApp Web for several months however it is just launched on Android App. Now you can find an emoji based on a word or few characters rather than looking for specific emojis in the emoji tab.

Both these updates have come for Beta version of WhatsApp. However company has revealed that it plans to launch these tools globally. iOS users will have to wait longer but Android users can enjoy these features by updating to Beta version from  Google’s Play store.

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