WhatsApp Momo Challenge Reappears

WhatsApp Momo Challenge Reappears

Last year, just like a blue whale challenge, a horrific game appeared on WhatsApp that has taken hundreds of lives. At that time, so many countries across the globe including Pakistan have banned the game but now it has been reported that this creepy game reappeared. The game is named as Momo Challenge.

Police in the U.K. is issuing warnings to parents after the reappearance of this digital game. This creepy game encourages self-harm and destructive behavior. Last year, it appeared on several social media platforms, that includes WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. This horrific game encourages participants to engage in violent activities. This game was most likely created by hackers and it led to injuries. Moreover, it also became the major reason for suicides among young students.

WhatsApp Momo Challenge Reappears

In the UK, Parents have discovered the “Momo Challenge” again on WhatsApp and other social media platforms, earlier this week. However, Police and law enforcement officials are aware of it and also have issued notices to the parents in order to avoid the harmful consequences.

How Momo Game on WhatsApp Works:

  • Kids who play Momo Challange on WhatsApp add a mysterious number to their WhatsApp contact list
  • That number sends them violent images
  • It also orders them to follow grotesque orders such as posting images and videos of self-harm or suicide.
  • Just like the Blue Whale game, game controller claims to know all the personal info about the player
  • He also threatens the player if they don’t follow orders

It is very important for all parents that they should train their kids how to tackle and understand the online risks.

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