WhatsApp New Beta Version Gets Media Visibility Feature For Android

WhatsApp has roll out a new beta version (2.18.159) for android. This update brings a Media visibility feature. As the name suggests that this new feature now allows you to choose the visibility of shared media. You can hide or show the WhatsApp media content in the gallery. This new beta version also gives you a New contact shortcut which makes easy to add a new contact from WhatsApp. However, this new contact shortcut is already available on WhatsApp for iPhone.`

Now you can choose whether you want to make the media that you have received on WhatsApp visible in your gallery or you want to keep it only to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp New Beta Version Brings Media Visibility Feature

Let’s suppose if you have disabled the Media visibility feature then the media will not appear in your gallery app but you will be able to watch all of the photos and videos that you have received directly within WhatsApp.

Media visibility feature for Android is enabled on the WhatsApp new beta version. If you are not liking this new feature then you can disable it by turning off the Show media in gallery option. What you have to do for that? Simply go to the WhatsApp Settings > Data and storage usage. However, keep it in your mind that once you have disabled Media visibility feature, the downloaded WhatsApp media content will not be available in your gallery.

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