WhatsApp Restricts Message Sharing to Five to Curb Fake News

In order to curb fake news, WhatsApp has not rolled out a new feature (or you can a new limitation). As WhatsApp Restricts Message Sharing to Five to Curb Fake News. Now users can forward any message to only five peoples. This may help to minimize the spread of fake news. Up till now, anyone can forward any message up to 20 people on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Restricts Message Sharing to Fight Curb Fake News

No doubt, WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app around the world. According to the latest statistics,  WhatsApp messenger has now crossed Facebook and has become the most popular  Facebook-owned app. Over the period of  24 months, WhatsApp has grown 30 percent, compared to just 20 % and 15% growth for Facebook and Facebook Messenger respectively.

When the app has millions of active users, spreading fake news really affects a lot. It is necessary to take fruitful measures to minimize the spread of false or fake news. Also, we listen to different types of viruses spreading on WhatsApp. Which are most of the time is fake news. So, to curb fake news is the basic need for WhatsApp and security demand these days.

The new feature has rolled out to some countries. In no time it will be available for all.

Onsa Mustafa

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