WhatsApp Scam that Blocks Account and let Strangers read Chats is Back

WhatsApp users are on high alert after a nasty scam that blocks users out of their account and then access their most personal chats. In other words, you can say that Cybercriminals are once again targeting the most famous messaging service in the world “WhatsApp”. WhatsApp has more than 2 billion users from all over the world however such WhatsApp scam is a threat to users’ security.

The awful scam, which will be familiar to a long time WhatsApp users, leaves users restricted from their accounts. This dangerous attack also hands full access to your most intimate chats, Pictures, Videos and contacts list over to hackers who can use them later to target more unsuspecting members. Moreover, this scam is using an old technique that has been seen before.

WhatsApp Scam is Back with a Bang

The people tricked, will generally receive a message on their smartphones that will come from a friend or a person on their saved contact list. Once a hacker knows you are ready to respond, they will target your mobile and attempt to get access to your chats and pictures through WhatsApp’s security PIN.

It is a simple scam as whenever you upgrade your phone, WhatsApp will ask you to verify your identity using your number before allowing you to access any chats backed-up to the cloud. It is a six-digit code that hackers require to get their hands on to get access to your accounts.

To verify the identity of a person trying to log into your WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned organization will send a randomly generated 6-digit code in a text message to the mobile number that is registered with the WhatsApp account. Of course, this would not go to the hackers, but will surely end up on your smartphone.

Next, the hackers will send a text message to you – making an excuse for the 6-digit code being sent to you – and asking you to forward the code to them. When you send the code, WhatsApp believes that it is a genuine attempt to login to your account and will enable the chat on the hacker’s phone.

As far as your contact list is concerned, the hackers are now “YOU” and can easily send messages in your WhatsApp group chats and personal conversations.

Presently, it appears that Indian WhatsApp users are the main target, but it is a good reminder from us to be on alert if you receive a message asking you to forward a Pin Code.

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