WhatsApp Should Focus on Privacy Not on Emojis

WhatsApp brings 155 redesigned emojis to latest Android beta along with Night Mode. Once you download the latest Android beta 2.19.139 update, you will get to see 155 redesigned emojis. It is to be expected that the new layout will be available in the next Google Play stable release and also in the next Web update. However, the recent case of WhatsApp Vulnerability left everyone in a great shock. So, what’s the point of introducing the new emojis?

WhatsApp Should Focus on Privacy Not on Emojis

Moreover, the Dark Mode that was spotted in previous updates, has now been renamed to Night Mode in the recent update. However, this feature is still under development and is not available for users yet.

According to WABetaInfo:

These new emojis are expected to be made available in the next Google Play stable release and in the next WhatsApp Web update as well. You can see the old versus new emoji in the images above and below.

Well, now users will enjoy the variety of stickers, but the thing is that security and privacy are more important than these emojis. As the recent reports have alerted us that Israeli hackers have hacked million of accounts, that made the security issue more serious and the confidence level of users has fallen down. As now they can’t use the app so confidently.

Here the question arises that how the Whatsapp will take care of the user’s privacy?

WhatsApp should focus on privacy rather than emojis.

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