WhatsApp Status Tab will Soon Display Ads

WhatsApp’s mobile messaging Vice President, Chris Daniels revealed that the company is planning to put adverts in the WhatsApp status feature. It was expected, as a few months, back WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton had told that Mark Zuckerberg had monetization plans for WhatsApp before the purchase was even complete. WhatsApp Status Tab will soon be flooded with Adverts.

Now Enjoy Plenty of Advertisements in WhatsApp Status Tab

Now businesses will be able to reach people via WhatsApp. According to facebook recent financial report, Whatsapp has more than 450 million daily users. So it would be the strongest way to reach the most people via ads in WhatsApp statuses.
According to some rumours, the advertisements in WhatsApp status feature will be controlled by Facebook’s native advertising system. The basic aim behind this advertising scheme is to help people to promote their businesses via messaging App.

Businesses will be Reaching Maximum Number of People via WhatsApp Status Tab Adverts

Right now there are no details when the ads will be rolling out to WhatsApp users. However, there are some speculations that iOS used will be the first one to receive them in their statuses. However, advertisements will be rolled out to Android Users too.
Whatsapp latest update has started support for stickers on Android & iOS. The company has released this new feature after months of testing it internally. Now it works without any issue. The rollout might be gradual so it will take a few days to hit your handset.

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