WhatsApp Status To Start Showing Ads

WhatsApp status feature is getting popular among WhatsApp users day by day as it is the simple way to show what they are doing in the form of multiple photos or a short video. WhatsApp also offers an option to let users see how many of their contacts have seen their status.

Recently, we came to know that Facebook is seriously planning to monetize WhatsApp and now according to new updates popular messaging app WhatsApp is to start displaying ads alongside its Status feature.

WhatsApp Status will Start Showing Ads from 2019

WhatsApp Status has 450 million users globally. Now they will use Facebook’s advertising system as WhatsApp Status will start showing ads next year.

Now company will use WhatsApp Status as a revenue source. Moreover, Facebook will largely use WhatsApp Business as a major revenue-driven model.

According to the report of Wall Street Journal:

In addition, Facebook is looking to use WhatsApp Business as a major source of revenue and the company could introduce new types of ads for users to directly connect companies for customer-service queries.

This feature was launched in February last year. This feature was basically inspired by Snapchat Stories but when it comes to user base, Snapchat is far behind WhatsApp.

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