WhatsApp Tipline Feature Launches to Curb Fake News

WhatsApp keeps on launching new features and this is the only reason that it is the widely used platforms having millions of subscribers. However, some features are launched for good global reasons.  WhatsApp is very active nowadays when it comes to launching features to track fake news. Previously WhatsApp launched forwarded message feature that revealed that how many time a message is forwarded through a platform. Now the platform has launched WhatsApp Tipline feature that lets users send messages to the Tipline which will verify the content of the messages to be true or false.

Will WhatsApp Tipline Feature stop the Spread of Fake News?

Previously,  WhatsApp had launched Message forward feature that will help people to detect whether the message is spam or Fake. This movement has come after Facebook was termed as the social hub for the spread of fake news and creating unrest in several countries like India. In this digital world, such platforms are used to spread fake news and people keep on forwarding them without any proper authentication. Due to WhatsApp’s end to end subscription, no one can see what is being spread on the platform.

WhatsApp is incorporating new feature keeping in view the government’s pressure on the messaging service to stop fake news. WhatsApp has remained under fire for helping the spread of fake news through its platform. Specifically, in India, WhatsApp played a major role in public unrest.

As this feature is specially designed for India, checkpoint Tipline will support a total of five languages — English, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali and Malayalam. SO this service will stop the spread of any misinformation that is spread in the form of text, videos, and images. This is not the only feature that WhatsApp has launched in order to curb fake news. WhatsApp had also limited the number of messages forwarded to five and label forwarded feature as discussed above.

Well, let’s see whether WhatsApp Tipline services will be launched for other countries or not.

Fizza Atique

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