WhatsApp to offer text-based sticker suggestions when texting

WhatsApp has made our lives easy as we feel more connected to our loved ones even if miles away. While words are considered as the basic blocks of staying connected, stickers can make us more connected socially as they impact more than words. This is the main reason for the growing popularity of stickers and all the social media apps keep on launching new stickers according to the ongoing circumstances. As WhatsApp is always one step ahead,  it will soon be starting sticker suggestions that complement your words.

The new feature that is under development will suggest stickers according to the words you type. This feature will be launched for both Android and iOS. While the company has not announced the working of this feature, some references regarding its working have surfaced online.

WhatsApp to offer text-based sticker suggestions when texting

Initially, this feature will be limited to WhatsApp native stickers and will be launched for all the stickers later on.  Apple and Google already offer contextual emoji and sticker suggestions to their users.

WhatsApp’s new stickers suggestion feature will examine the first word typed by the user in the chat bar and will suggest relevant stickers in the suggestion. We have received a screenshot and a video that confirms the default sticker icon in the textbox that would inform the user when a sticker is available. Upon tapping this icon, users will be able to view the suggestion.

This feature is not able to beta users so we can expect that we will not be able to enjoy it anytime soon.

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