WhatsApp to Roll Out New Feature For iOS Beta Users

WhatsApp is working to roll out a new feature for the beta users of iOS. This new feature will rank the user’s friends on their contact list based on the frequency of their interaction with their dear ones. This will also decide the priority of the user’s friends Status updates on WhatsApp.

The ranking algorithm basically will arrange and prioritize your WhatsApp Status updates. So you will not miss out anything important from those friends with whom you interact a lot. This new feature will check your usage and behaviour throughout the app to establish your priorities. If you interact a lot with a certain contact then their status update will be viewed on the top.

WhatsApp to Roll Out New Feature For iOS Beta Users

WABetaInfo has reported that in case you send and receive messages then it will be counted as a normal ranking but If you send and receive media, then it will count as ‘good ranking’. Furthermore, if you ignore the message then WhatsApp will consider that as ‘bad ranking’ for that contact.

When you make a call to a contact, it will increase the ranking. The number of chats and mentions to a particular contact in group chat will boost the ranking. If you ignore the Status of a particular contact on a regular basis for a long period of time then the ranking of the contact will fall automatically.

The ranking algorithm feature is only available to people who have beta versions of WhatsApp.

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