WhatsApp to Soon Launch Voice and Video Calls on Desktop

According to a report, WhatsApp is working on adding voice and video calls to its web service on the desktop. Right now,  the video and voice call on WhatsApp Web seems to be in a beta stage. Though, WABetaInfo tested the new feature out to check how it is performing.

WhatsApp to Soon Launch Voice and Video Calls on Desktop


When any WhatsApp user will receive a call on the web, a notification will pop up, enabling the user to recieve or decline that call. On the contrary, a new window will appear when you make a call.

In addition to that, group voice and video calls are also being tested so that more people can communicate with each other and consequently a feature of the conference call will also be available.

Prior to this, WhatsApp rolled out “Always Mute” feature that substitutes the “1-year” option while muting a chat. The always mute feature was under development from one year and now the feature is finally being launched to beta users.

Another new feature that is being tested lets users search for particular messages by date. The feature will render users with a date filter while searching for any messages. According to a report, the search feature is in the alpha stage of development.

With an increase in video-conferencing calls and apps, this latest feature will be well-received amongst users who want to make video, voice, and group calls while working on their PCs. And it would also rose as a tough competitor to other video conferencing apps.

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