WhatsApp Update: Draining Battery on Android Phones

Some users of WhatsApp who have updated the messaging app are now complaining that it is causing the draining of battery on Android phones. Particularly those who are owning the OnePlus phones are appear to be affected by the issue due to WhatsApp update.

WhatsApp Update: Draining Battery on Android Phones

Other than that, with the release of the most recent version for Android some problems have also been surfaced with the popular messaging app. One user wrote in one of the most popular comments on WhatsApp’s Google Play Store page that “Unfortunately, since the last update I can’t download nor send photos or videos.”

One of users complained that the screen tells me that the media file is not available on this device. Moreover, the battery drainage issue is also growing. The user further said that “When I’m on the road I always need to bring my power-bank to ensure I’m reachable for colleagues when working.”

One OnePlus 5T user wrote:

“It really freaks me when I see the battery stats just to know WhatsApp is sucking the battery like anything”.

Unfortunately, despite being tagged in many of the tweets, the Facebook-owned app is not responding to the affected users.

One user said that “WhatsApp has been draining the battery insanely, I think I’ve seen 33 per cent of all battery consumption by WhatsApp on the stats.”

On the other hand, no any complain has been received from the Owners of iPhones and other iOS devices about the problems with their battery when using WhatsApp.

The latest WhatsApp 2.19.308 update brings several new features, such as biometric security that is allowing users to secure their private conversations and group chats with their fingerprints. And might be these advance features consume battery to the great extent.

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