WhatsApp Update is About to Bring Back Text Statuses

WhatsApp is working on its upcoming update. This Update will bring back the feature which it lost in previous update in February. Yes you are right WhatsApp Update is About to Bring Back Text Statuses. The social media messenger, WhatsApp rolled out a new video statuses feature. This new feature was loved by people but was disliked by maximum number of users.

WhatsApp Update is About to Bring Back Text Statuses

The new video status feature is customized with emojis and written annotations. It is same as the stories of Instagram and SnapChat. Friends can react to this status by tap;ping no reply button with a response sent as new WhatsApp message. These stories disappears after 24 hours.

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The Actual status on WhatsApp was nothing more than a single line. Users used to tell their feelings with a brief message visible to all contacts. This feature was very useful to tell your friends whether you are available to talk with different pre installed statuses, like “At Work”, “Can’t Talk WhatsApp Only” or “Available”.

Finally WhatsApp is Bringing back the original Status

The new video status is an improvement to this social media platform but WhatsApp users can not use the status feature to inform other that they are available or not. This is a serious downside on the part of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is already testing new feature that would allow businesses to contact users directly through chat App. It seems that WhatsApp is incorporating new ways to make its service more profitable. It’s thought that the update could soon mean businesses would need to pay for the privilege of using WhatsApp to contact users directly.

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