WhatsApp Users will Not Get Unlimited Backups on Google Drive

WhatsApp is currently working on a new feature that will give users more control over what is backed up to Google. The feature seems very interesting but there is a twist. According to some latest reports, WhatsApp Users will Not Get Unlimited Backups on Google Drive. Now users have to be more specific while making a backup of their data.

Google Drive is currently the easiest way for WhatsApp users to backup their chats, images and videos for free. The most important thing is that there is no storage limit. But according to WaBetaInfo, this may change soon as Google may announce a limit for free backups.

WhatsApp Users will Not Get Unlimited Backups on Google Drive

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Earlier this year, Google Photos ended free storage for photo backups for its users after offering the service for over six years. The reports also claim that Google may offer a limited plan that will allow users to backup only 2000MB per user. Now the question arises what if the users want more space for backup? The answer is that the company may offer paid options to users who wish to backup more.

The new feature on WhatsApp will allow users to select the content they wish to backup. Users will be able to see the amount of storage required to backup the selected content. Now it is in users’ hands if they want to back up their photos, audio, videos, documents or other media only.

Chat databases and user settings files will be automatically backed up and users will not be able to turn this off.
At the moment, neither Google nor WhatsApp has revealed any information about this. This is currently a rumour. We will definitely get more information about this in the coming days.

Upcoming Features of WhatsApp

Similarly, WhatsApp is also working on a number of new features. WhatsApp will roll out new features to improve disappearing messages functionality. The messaging app will let users control the durations before which a message will disappear. The company is also working on a new community feature. WhatsApp will also launch a feature that will let users listen to the audio outside the chat window. This feature, named “global voice message player,”.

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