WhatsApp Vulnerability Left Users affected to Israeli Spyware

WhatsApp Vulnerability by any spyware is not new as WhatsApp and its parent company is accused of hacking and data leaking scandals. However this time it’s something bigger and if you will ask for my suggestions I will ask you to leave the WhatsApp as it is nothing more than a tool compromising your privacy. SO this time WhatsApp has once again been the subject of hacking however the method used to do it is shockingly government-grade spyware. 

Right now there are no details regarding the people involved behind the attack. But according to cybersecurity experts, the spyware used is usually sold to governments.

WhatsApp Vulnerability: Voice calls used to inject Israeli spyware on phones

This vulnerability in WhatsApp used to allow the caller to install spyware on the device that is being called even if the call is not answered. This spyware was made by Israel based NGO Pegasus and it is sold to the government who want to gain access due to some reason for any device.

Right now the number of devices affected due to this spyware is not confirmed however one thing is sure many iOS and Android devices are hacked due it. The messaging app said that once they discovered it, it only took them 10 days to patch it. According to the company, only a small number of users are affected due to it, but who knows.

So if you are using WhatsApp, try installing the latest version so that if you are affected by government-grade spyware, you will be free of it.

Fizza Atique

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