WHO accredits Pakistan’s first drug testing lab

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is granting accreditation to the first ever substance or drug testing laboratory in Pakistan. This is an incredible move forward. Minister for Science and Technology yesterday, Fawad Chaudhary declared that ventilators manufactured locally would soon be available for use and export. Really a major achievement.

The latest WHO accredited drug testing laboratory is based in Islamabad and is consistent with international requirements, enforcement best procedures as needed by an agency operating in this area. Furthermore, the equipment required for drug testing was imported from Germany and Japan and also follows compliant software affiliated with the Federal Drug Authority (FDA) of the United States.

In the past few decades, the pharmaceutical market has become static. Previously no new developments followed. This covers how Pakistan has lost a large part of its exports to India as well. The latter produces approximately 2 billion US dollars in exports.

The Pakistan Export Promotion Authority notes

“The top buyers are Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Vietnam all consistently. The same buyers are indicative of a concentration risk, year after year. We need to explore new markets.

Nayab Khan

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