Why Government Should Consider Banning TikTok in Pakistan?

TikTok came with a bang globally in the year 2016, helping people create a short dance, lip-sync, comedy and talent videos. In no time it got popular, and everyone throughout the globe started using it, and it became a major sensation for teenagers as well. Initially, everything was smooth until we realized the harm it caused to nations. Nations throughout the globe are against this app, with the sole reason that it has changed the mindset of our youth. TikTok in Pakistan has not only presented itself as a platform that is used to spread vulgarity which is against our norms as a Muslim country. Being a platform with songs, our nation has taken a path to show their talent by dancing in front of thousands of viewers when it could be anything else related to our culture and norms. We could also promote the teachings of our role model Muhammad Ali Jinnah, instead of wasting our time on a platform that is only spreading mental illness, giving rise to bullying, and being as a facilitator when it comes to the leaking of personal videos and intimate pictures of female tiktokers from Pakistan.

TikTok in Pakistan is Doing more Harm to the Nation

The list is long, starting from Aleena Fatima, a 24 years old TikToker who was body-shamed and harassed just because she was fat. Due to bullying, she decided to commit suicide, but thanks God due to supporting family, she decided to face the criticism. We can easily see her videos being used as a laughing piece and memes for many on social media platforms. It is not just one name; there are hundreds of such cases who had to face Narcissism, social isolation, and depression just because of this platform.

Another Tiktoker, Minahil Malik, whose personal videos were leaked just because she was famous on TikTok. From this, we can easily imagine the mentality of users of this platform in Pakistan. Another Tiktoker girl was raped by her TikToker friend named Shiraz. The girl belonged to Lahore, and the case is being registered. By giving these examples, I just want to justify my point that TikTok might be used for spreading good among people in other countries (maybe), but for Pakistan, it has done no good, and our society has used it as a platform for bullying, harassment while promoting rape in the country.

A 10th-grade student named Abdul Samad was filming a video for the TikTok with a gun. He accidentally squeezed the trigger and shot himself. Such a young soul died on the spot. Moreover, the app is also accused of stealing personal information from users without their permission.

Why TIKTOK should be Banned in Pakistan?

I have so many examples to give with the same conclusion that TikTok should be banned in Pakistan. Now coming to the point whether the app is responsible for all this I shared, so I will say YES. It is a responsibility of an app to know the moral values of people where it operates. When you launch an app and give people access to it, it becomes your responsibility to monitor and control the type of content that is being produced by the users. If Facebook can create new algorithms to stop the spread of fake news, Instagram can use AI to stop the usage of the bad words and Twitter trying to stop hatred on its platform by banning such accounts spreading it; why TikTok is not taking any action?

Since I have only shared a few cases from Pakistan, the list throughout the world is soo long that it can not be jotted down in a single blog. If PTA has banned PUBG, which I agree was a platform that wasted time of our youth and resulted in mental illness, why the government is quite on the ban of this toxic app, TikTok, which has even worst implications as compared to PUBG?

We request the government of Pakistan to ban TikTok in the country because if the right decision is not taken right now, the results will be worst than our imaginations.

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