Why Is Jazz the top Telecom Player in the Industry?

Jazz has always remained the pioneer of new services and telecom Packages in Pakistan. Being the first and unique, the company has won many hearts, and people have shifted to this network waving goodbye to old ones. It is not just due to their mouthwatering packages but due to their internet speed. Internet is an integral part of our lives now a day and one cannot ignore the internet speed. A company that is not able to provide an excellent data package is not reliable as we cannot think of a minute without it. Even for hiring ride-hailing services, we need a fast internet speed. Jazz, a telecom player has maintained its position in the market, and it is evident from the Ookla Speed test award that is awarded to Jazz three times consecutively.

Jazz-The Fast and Furious Telecom Player in Pakistan

Ookla calculated the results after comparing the user-initiated test on Speed test app. These tests included all the four telecom operators, currently operating in Pakistan. Jazz remained on the top for the three years, though maintain a position is always difficult. The telecom operator proved that they are striving hard to provide the best services to their customers.

In the test(Q1-Q2 2019), Jazz performed a Speed Score of 14.97, with average speeds of 15.95 Mbps download speed, and 11.60 Mbps upload speed. This Speed Score of 14.97 is relatively higher than other telecom operators.

Jazz has also remained on the top of the list when it comes to PTA Quarterly QoS Survey of CMOS. PTA had conducted an automated survey of the 3G/4G speeds, and as expected, Jazz topped 4G speed.

Here is the detail of the PTA Quarterly QoS Survey of CMOS.

Team Phonewold, also decided to test all the four telecom operators with Ookla Speed test and as expected we also awarded the crown to Jazz.

See the detail here.

CEO of Jazz, Aamir Ibrahim, expressed his happiness regarding it and said:

It is an honour to receive the Speedtest Award for the third time in a row. Jazz has cemented its position in mobile broadband performance and remains committed to delivering the best service to its customers through the country’s largest spectrum holding and superior network.

So if you are looking for an operator with good internet speed and you do not want your YouTube to keep on browsing, it’s wise to time you shift to Jazz-The fast and Furious Internet provider.

Fizza Atique

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