Why Pakistan is Best Destination for Software Outsourcing?

10Pearls is a leading and award-winning application development company helping businesses build products and technology solutions spanning mobile, enterprise, web and games. Imran Aftab, the co-founder and CEO of the company explained well that Why Pakistan is Best Destination for Software Outsourcing?

According to Imran Aftab, when one decides to open software houses and technology offshore outsourcing locations that comes to ones mind are India, Russia, Argentina, China and Philippines. Yes this is true for companies who can afford to such outsourcing offshore destinations. The companies who do not have million dollars of budget have to face problems.

Why Pakistan is Best Destination for Software Outsourcing

Due to this mere reason, a number of offshore destinations are emerging and even becoming success stories. out of many such locations one is Pakistan. Pakistan is a better option to outsource as compared to some of the choices available today.

Now businesses are flourished because of values and because of realization that speed to market is most important. Now days it not about what is your location rather how can you deliver your projects on time within appropriate budget having best quality.

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He shared the list that is surprising for many people. That list is about success story of 10Pearls who have been able to build great client-age and are producing world class products for largest enterprises and emerging businesses.

Why to Outsource Software Development in Pakistan:

  • As far as population of Pakistan is concerned it is the 6th largest populated country in the world residing more than 195 million people.
  • Pakistan is the 3rd largest English speaking country in the world
  • 2/3 of the total Pakistan’s population is comprised of youth aged below 24 years.
  • Karachi is the 7th largest city in the world residing 24 million people.
  • Pakistan was recently rated much higher in terms of IP laws compared to others.
  • Being a productive country, Pakistan has high ethical values. 81% of Pakistanis have firm believe that hard work pays off.
  • Pakistan is business friendly. It has favorable business law, tax incentives for certain services and businesses.
  • Pakistan is Asia’s best performing stock market.
  • Major global brands and successful companies are operational in Pakistan.

Pakistan being the best technology outsourcing country has been delivering the best business values. Due to this reason many startups have emerged as globally known business units. There are a number Pakistani technology outsourcing companies that are working with global brands such as 10Pearls, Systems Limited, Folio3, NetSol, TRG Pakistan, Ovex Tech, LMKR, and many others.

Source: 10Pearls

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  • Right, besides India, Vietnam, China, Pakistan is also good at software development outsourcing.

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