Why Snapchat Employees Don’t Leak new Features Before its Launch

Snapchat is famous for being the most secretive company in tech world. Like other tech firms, Snapchat also maintains its culture to make employees sign non-disclosure agreements when they join.Why Snapchat Employees Don’t Leak new Features Before its Launch.

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Snapchat has different way of reminding its employees the rules and regulations of company. Photo sharing App, Snap maintains its culture of secrecy by keeping tight lid on upcoming features that employees get to test first internally.

Why Snapchat Employees Don’t Leak new Features Before its Launch

When the company let employees access to an internal, publicly unavailable Snapchat feature, they see a warning message.

Snapchat confidential

Giving employees access to unreleased features is common practice among tech leaders in industry. However to prevent leak of any feature before launch, Snapchat gives access to only 2500 employees.

Snapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegal has tightened the access to company’s employees after the leak of Snap Maps just few days before its official launch. Now they only let those employees use new unreleased features who have some knowledge of it. Spiegal has shortened the employees list as he fears that unreleased Snapchat features will leak in press.

When website,”The Information” published a news regarding Snap Maps before it was launched, CEO Evan Spiegel sent a wide email to company employees with the subject line” Feeling Disappointed“. Instead of mentioning the website news, he stressed on the importance of Snap being able to surprise its users with news products.

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