Why your TikTok videos are removed?

You know what you’ve done. Or are you? TikTok does not actually clarify, until recently, why it deleted one of your TikTok videos from the site. You will clearly be told that somehow it breached the “community rules” of the organisation. 

TikTok announces that by calling the particular regulation that it falls afoul of, it would give you at least a general understanding of why your video is gone. That is pretty similar to how it is operated for other firms. 

You’ll be allowed to file an appeal, as before. You may have an idea what you’re trying to appeal to right now. For a few months, TikTok claims it’s been playing with these alerts, and that appeals have only fallen by 14%. (I think they knew what they had done.) 

We had every indication that this was coming: when the company released its second disclosure report in July, it announced that it had began to keep track of the precise reasons that each video was deleted. 

The video app today released its first accountability report as the future of TikTok ownership by ByteDance continues to be worked out between tech and retail leviathans, developers and government officials. About 104.5 million videos were taken down in all; it had almost 1,800 court requests; and for the first half of this year, it got 10,600 copyright takedown notices. 

Nayab Khan

She has a keen eye on tech innovations and loves to write almost about everything. Contact : [email protected]
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