Will Domino’s New Drone Delivery be a Success in Pakistan?

Few days ago, we heard about the drone delivery of Pizza by Domino’s in Pakistan. Well sounds good! It feels good when drone drop Pizza at your doorstep. Everyone gonna love to get Pizza via amazing way but the question is Will Domino’s New Drone Delivery be a Success in Pakistan?

First of all, let us tell you how it will work? You need to order online and the delivery guy will come near to your location. When he reaches there he will fix the pizza and will send it to your location via drone. So is it making any logic? Why the pizza can’t be delivered directly from Domino’s franchise? What’s the point of sending the delivery boy to the nearest location and then he will fix your order on the drone.

Is it Possible to Operate Domino’s New Drone Delivery in Pakistan?

It seems that Domino’s is not so confident to operate the Pizza drone directly from their franchise. May be just because in Pakistan no one wants their personal space to be compromised.

Keeping in view the current situation of Pakistan, the drone would not be able to operate in most areas of Pakistan due to security concerns.

Lastly, the drone is using in other countries for speedy delivery but here in Pakistan the delivery boy have to come to the destiny. Once he reaches the nearest location then he will operate the drone. What’s the point of operating drone at nearest location?

Anyhow, the future of this Pizza Drone delivery is not looking so bright but still we will wait to see that how much it will be successful after its launch.

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