Will the iMessage Finish The Need To Buy A Blackberry

Earlier last month Apple discussed the new feature set that would be made available with the iOS 5. One of the more interesting parts of this update is the introduction of a new messaging platform, the iMessage. The name doesn’t scream ‘originality’ and to be honest neither does it’s features, which are more a less a copy of the Blackberry Messenger for Blackberries.

Messages are transmitted across all iOS devices meaning the application can be used not only on your iPhone but also on your iPod or iPod touch. The brilliant thing for me is that as the application works across all Apple devices you can easily shut your conversation on one device and then carry it on from where you left it, on another device. So as you can have your old conversation then its easy for you to take a look at back and see where you left the conversation.  A new notifications system has been developed and like the WhatsApp messenger app, users can tell when the other person begins writing a message.

RIM has succeeded in still keeping a stronghold, over its hard to beat Blackberry Messenger, but with the advent of the new iMessage will the tables be turned or will BBM remain steadfast in its superiority?

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