Will Vivo be Launching First 5G Phone in 2020?

5G is the proposed next telecommunications standards beyond the current 4G/IMT-Advanced standards. the technology is operating in the millimetre wave bands and 5G planning aims at a higher capacity than current 4G. In the near future, 5G will Impact every Industry in the best possible way. World’s biggest mobile operators are striving to launch 5G technology as soon as possible. While mobile manufacturing companies are also making 5G handsets and everyone is waiting to buy the first 5G Phone as soon as possible.

First 5G Device- Will it be Vivo or Huawei?

Different tech giants including, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo and now Vivo are testing smartphones with this upcoming new technology.  Yesterday Vivo announced about its upcoming 5G phone during an International Symposium on ICT Technology.

Now the question arises that will Vivo be able to launch the first 5G device or some bigger tech giant will overcome it. From last some years, Vivo is striving hard to push out First 5G phone and for this, they have filed 1,500 proposals to the 3GPP standardization organization. The company is hopeful that it will be launching the first 5G phone is the year 2019 and they will go on sale in 2020. The sale of news also depends on the telecom operator as they are the main pivotal points who will launch the technology first.

It is expected to talk to any connected device you own by 2020. There will be 1 billion 5G devices worldwide and 8x more data traffic than today by 2023. 5G will move massive amounts of data between people, cameras, robots and the clouds.

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