Will WhatsApp Fake News Tool be Able to Curb Spam Messages?

To curb spam messages, Whatsapp is working on a Suspicious Link Detection feature. This feature will stop fake news from spreading on its platform.

According to WABetaInfo, it is working on fake News tool from the 2.18.204 beta version, adding new improvements in the next updates. The feature is not available for development reasons yet. There is still need of many other improvements before it roll out and available for everyone.

WhatsApp Fake News Tool is Under Trail

WhatsApp fake News tool will help users to identify suspicious links shared within the platform. The messaging app will automatically detect whether the link that a user receives is fake or spam.

It has been reported that the app will send alert to user about the suspicious link with a ‘red label’ that the link is suspicious. If the user decides to open the link, WhatsApp will notify again the user if they want to proceed.

Our Verdict:

WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. From the last few weeks, Facebook is on fire due to its blunders and data scandal. The list of scandals is very long, but to cut it short, it all started with Cambridge Analytica Scandal, and recently we heard that Facebook made deals with Apple, Samsung & other Tech giants to get access of Personal Data.

Well we are not sure about WhatsApp fake News tool, that will it work in the same way as claimed. As in past WhatsApp parent Company Facobook also claimed about the security and authentications but we all know the real story. Anyhow let’s see whether this new feature will be able curb spam messages or not.

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