Win Smartphones in Warid T20 Tweet Race

Win Smartphones in Warid T20 Tweet Race

Warid offers an amazing deal to its customers in this T20 season i.e. to win smartphones by just ‘tweeting’. This competition is based on how much can one tweet in a minute.

How to Play?

After logging in to Tweeter account users are required to Tweet as faster as possible because they will have only one minute per entry. However, they have unlimited entries and one can Tweet up to its desire.

How to Check your Scores?

You can check your scores and also the top scorers by clicking on the “Rank” button placed at upper right corner.

You can see that my score is still zero and I am going to play that game and I hope if I can get on some upper ranks. But before that I would like to caution our viewers that they keep these suggestions in their minds.

  • These must be about ongoing cricket season or cricket in general and the quality of tweet is really important. If you have done quality tweets yo will have better chance of winning.
  • Warid will automatically reject the entries including malicious or blasphemous content by any mean.
  • Do not Tweet such that it may look like as Spam, e.g: 1,2,3,… or A,B,C,…
  • This offer is not for Warid employees, third party agencies, service providers and any individual involved in this campaign/app.

To participate, CLICK HERE

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