World’s First Foldable Phone is the Ugliest Thing Ever

The foldable smartphones race has started. Almost all the big companies are working on flexible smartphones. Among all was Samsung. As Samsung is planning to launch the first foldable smartphone next year at CES. However, Samsung is not alone, LG Foldable phone will also land soon. When people were anxiously waiting for Samsung to launch its foldable device, an unexpected smartphone maker has taken the lead. A Chinese company Royole revealed FlexPai at CES in Las Vegas. FlexPai is the world’s first foldable phone but is as disappointing as it could be.

World’s First Foldable Phone Maker isn’t Samsung as Expected

One cannot even decide if the device is a phone or a tablet tough the company termed it as a phone that looks like a small tablet. It is basically a 7.8-inch device that runs Android. One can fold this AMOLED display, a gap can be seen between two halves of the screen. The worst thing is that the device is very heavy but can be easily stored in a purse.

The developer version of the device is currently available in the U.S. priced at $1,300. Upon folding the device all the content moves to one part of the device.

Tough its good that Royole has brought a foldable device before the tech giants like Samsung and Apple but sorry to say the device is not up to the mark.

Let’s see whether other smartphone makers will be able to create a better foldable device or not!

Fizza Atique

Fizza Atique is a Tech writer specializing in the intersection of tech and culture. She likes photography, VR, electronic music, coffee, and baking.
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