Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is Now Live in 22 Countries

Now the players of 22 countries will get to enjoy and avail Microsoft’s xCloud gaming service. It has officially gone live in 22 countries. The service is available in US, Canada, most of Europe, UK, and South Korea. Initially, the service brings over 150 games that players can stream directly over an Android smartphone, tablet, PC, or Xbox console. The official name of the game is “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate”

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is Now Live in 22 Countries

You can avail the new service at $14.99 per month. With the help of the new service, players are able to stream games directly from Microsoft and it does not need to own an Xbox console. Well, players need to to buy an Xbox or compatible controller. It is important to remind the readers that Microsoft cloud gaming is still in beta.

If you are a new subscriber, you need to sign up for $1 for the first month before being charged the normal $14.99 monthly rate. The subscription also includes the Xbox Live Gold.

Unfortunately, the iOS users are not able to use the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on their device, so no luck this time. According to Apple that such a game streaming service would violate App Store policies. Apple finds it really important to approve every game that would be played through its platforms.

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