Xbox Indie game showcase to take place on August 10th

Microsoft will host the second Xbox indie game showcase of the year on Twitch on August 10th. On Twitch Gaming and Xbox, you’ll be able to watch it live. During the event, Xbox will showcase loads of titles from developers and publishers such as Rebellion and Chump Squad. New titles will be unveiled, along with updates on games like OlliOlli World and The Artful Escape.

The company also promised, ‘Some Xbox Game Pass news and announcements’. At the inaugural presentation, more than a dozen games were announced for Game Pass, including ‘Toronto-made Nobody saves the world’, ‘Moonglow Bay from Canada’ and ‘Vancouver-made Backbone’.

Xbox and Twitch joined up back in March to hold an independent gaming showcase. The showcase was jam-packed with trailers for upcoming games and even some new game announcements, and it appeared to be a strong enough first appearance for the duo to get a second chance.


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According to Microsoft, this livestream of Xbox indie game showcase would again include loads of indie titles. Developers and publishers such as Chump Squad (Lab Rat, Kine) and Rebellion Developments will make announcements (Sniper Elite 4, Zombie Army: Trilogy). In addition, we’ll learn about upcoming projects including The Artful Escape, Library of Ruina, OlliOlli World, and RPG Time.

This month’s expo isn’t the only big gaming event to take place. Gamescom’s Opening Night Live to be held on August 25th. According to host and producer Geoff Keighley, the two-hour event will feature some of this Christmas season’s greatest titles as well as a glimpse at “what lies beyond.”

It’s also worth mentioning that Hades, a beloved 2020 indie game, will be available on Game Pass on August 13th, and 12 Minutes, a widely anticipated independent, will be available on August 19th.

Since this is the company’s second independent games showcase, it appears that Microsoft is putting more emphasis than ever on allowing indie games to receive attention on their platform. Not bad for a corporation that was previously responsible for the death of independent gaming on Xbox Live.

Some Best Indie games for PC in 2021

Some of the best Indie games for PC in 2021 includes a huge list, however, we have enlisted some best ones. Disco Elysium, Among Us, Fall guys, Telling Lies, Hades, The Witness, Untitled Goose game, Inside, Dead Cells, Gone Home, Rocket league and the list GOES ON. 

About Indie Games

In contrast to most “AAA” games, an independent video game or indie game is a video game developed by individuals or small production teams without the financial and technical assistance of a big game publisher.

The term “indie” has nothing to do with India, contrary to popular belief. It stands meaning “independent.”

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