XBox Series X: Microsoft to hold game event this month

On 23 July, Microsoft will hold the Xbox Series X gaming celebration. The business plans to view Xbox Game Studios titles, including Halo Infinite. 343 Industries briefly trailered a few weeks ago. The Banished Antagonists are returning to the Halo franchise for the next big installment. 

Microsoft has consistently acquired game studios, and the firm now has a total of 15 Xbox Game Studios. Xbox fans now expect to see what those Xbox Series X studios are working on. Microsoft recently created a Twitter account for the Fable placeholder, causing fans to wonder if the game would make a comeback at the Xbox event in July. Also recently, Microsoft has expanded the Fable brand to include USB chargers, compact speakers, headphones and more. 

Given that Microsoft released a Hellblade II teaser during last year’s unveiling of its Xbox Series X, it’s fair to assume we’ll see more about this highly anticipated title from Ninja Theory. Psychonauts 2 is also expected from Microsoft’s Double Fine developer in 2020 and there are likely to be some hints as to how Forza and Gears of War will react to the Xbox Series X’s more powerful hardware. erful hardware in the Xbox Series X. 

Rare also introduced its latest Everwild game in November, and during Microsoft’s event we might get a closer look on that. And as usual, fans of Xbox are always waiting for surprises like a new game of Pure Dark or of Banjo-Kazooie. 

Nayab Khan

Nayab Khan is a freelance tech-writer whose specialty is absorbing the key data and articulating the most important points. She helps IT based organizations communicate their message clearly across multiple channels.
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