Xiaomi Introduces the Roidmi Self-Collecting Robot Vacuum for $463

Xiaomi ‘s another interesting product coming from Roidmi, a Xiaomi ecological chain company. The device is known as the Roidmi Robot Self Collecting Vacuum, and is described by the ability to empty the dust box automatically. A reasonable price tag is 2,999 yuan ($463) for the robotic vacuum cleaner.

Roidmi Self-Collecting Robot Vacuum Functions:


The Roidmi self-collecting robot  Vacuum is fitted with a rear dust collection station, which, after cleaning, automatically empties the dust box, packs the dust and has an initial antibacterial and deodorant ozone technology. The dust bag will automatically pack up to 3 liters of dust and not spill out dust.

The Roidmi Self-collecting Robot Vacuum-cleaner is fitted with a new LDS-super sensing technology (lidar technique), which enables rapid scanning of the whole house and the drawing and preparing of the route using the SLAM algorithm.


The Roidmi Robot Vacuum cleaner also features an integrated suction and drag design and has an intelligent water microcontrol tank that intelligently controls and releases a uniform water output via a microcontrol chip. The water tank has a capacity of 250 ml, covering area of 300 square meters in a single go. It is currently available in china with an affordable price tag of $463.

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