Xiaomi is Expected to Feature Wireless Charging

Xiaomi has officially joined the Wireless Power Consortium, which means that its next flagship might be the first Xiaomi device to feature wireless charging. The smartphone company Xiaomi is Expected to Feature Wireless Charging.

Basically, the Wireless Power Consortium is the effort to create and promote wide market adoption of the Qi wireless charging technology. It started to become a mainstream topic in 2012 when Nokia and Google both launched phones that supported inductive charging using the Qi standard.

Xiaomi is Expected to Feature Wireless Charging

Apple was the last multibillion dollar company to join the Consortium back in February, amid rumors that next-generation iPhones would at last bring wireless charging capabilities. According to the Wireless Power Consortium website, we should expect to see a big announcement from yet another multibillion dollar company in the near future which is Xiaomi.
Although the company hasn’t officially announced it, the Wireless Power Consortium website lists the Chinese tech company as one of its members. It’s extremely likely that Xiaomi is preparing to launch devices that support the Qi standard although it remains to be seen whether the first Xiaomi-made phone with wireless charging will be the Mi 7.
This is great news since wireless charging has been one of the features that we lamented not seeing from past Xiaomi products, including the recently introduced Mi Mix 2.
Well wireless charging may become a deal-maker for the Xiaomi if it launches the mi 7 that supports Qi standard.


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