Xiaomi Launches Power bank With Interesting Feature

In addition to launching common home appliances and environmentally friendly electronics, Xiaomi also occasionally unveils unique utility devices such as the Xiaomi Giiker Smart Cube, the foldable QiCycle, Xiaomi Flexible Fan, etc. The Chinese tech giant has now launched another unusual product dubbed Xiaomi Powerbank and Handwarmer. 

Features of Xiaomi Powerbank and Handwarmer

The tool features a squirrel-shaped frame with a retro radio style. In an aluminum body, it can heat up to 52 degrees Celsius which allows for strong heat conduction. The body is also fitted with composite multi-material design and flame-resistant ABS to keep it safe from fire hazards. 

For switch between power mode and heating mode, the two buttons on the front are used. Through pressing the left button, the power mode is triggered and the LED display shows the battery’s remaining charge. Pressing and holding the right button for three seconds moves it to the mode of heating where the screen shows the current temperature. 

The 5,000 mAh battery offers a 4-hour hand-warming feature with constant temperature rates and is also ideal for charging emergency smartphones. The power mode provides its own security measures as well as automatic power off for protection against overload.  

Colors and Price

The Xiaomi Power Bank and Hand Warmer are available for $20 in color schemes for Green, Pink, and Red. 

Nayab Khan

She has a keen eye on tech innovations and loves to write almost about everything. Contact : [email protected]

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