Xiaomi Mi 10 5G integrated high-end Smartphone of 2020

High-end processors, tons of microphones, huge batteries and fast refresh displays. But is that not true for any flagship phone? Nearly all of these glass-charged wallet pocket weights have the same cutting edge chipset, the same cameras in different tuning conditions, the same big battery and even identical designs. Xiaomi Mi 10 5G integrated high-end phone you need to get your hands on in 2020. 

It’s here that the Xiaomi Mi 10 comes in. Xiaomi’s latest flagship phone is a refreshing change after an old Mi 5. It appears the same as a Samsung S20 but Xiaomi says the Mi 10 is different everywhere else, especially with its 108-megapixel sensor. It is definitely pricey for a Xiaomi handset, starting from Rs 49,999 but it is still one of the most popular flagship phones out there. 

Have we long missed this thrilling flagship phone? What’s more, investing Rs 50,000 on a Xiaomi phone is a smart idea? 

 The Mi 10 looks, at first glance, similar to a Samsung S10 and a OnePlus 8. The same bezel-less design is available with a punch-hole cutout holding the front camera at the front. In fact, the show curves on the sides, increasing the desirability but also impacting the practicality. 

It has a refresh rate of 90Hz but that panel is something of a refresh rate. This is a show where the colors come alive. Not only are the colors vivid and beautiful, but it is also amazing the accuracy of these colors to the real thing. 

 The Mi 10 has a proper stereo speaker, as opposed to all other flagship phones. Yeah, the audio has two dedicated speakers at the top and the bottom. 

Image processing from the 108-megapixel camera is also fast: processing is not expected. The Snapdragon 865 is more than you need in the Android universe with its LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.0 ram. 

It impresses the heck out of the inner shutterbug within me in many ways. Unlike every other smartphone camera this 108-megapixel camera captures tiny details. Either you’re shooting a landscape or a portrait, the camera throws up details that are so high it could shame the Pixel phones. You won’t see enough of a difference in normal mode over a 48-megapixel camera sensor but switch to 108MP is a an amazing experience.  


Nayab Khan

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