Xiaomi Rollable Smartphone Patent Confirms Royal Device on way to Production

The smartphone market is quite saturated these days with brands like Xiaomi, Oppo, Samsung, Apple, and HTC etc competing with each other. Each of the brands is trying to gather the latest technology to become the top smartphone manufacturers throughout the globe, but now everyone can be a leader. There is always one leader, while others follow the trend. The phone is now more than a necessity, and it is evident with the launch of Foldable smartphones by Samsung and Huawei which showcased a luxurious lifestyle other than just a need. Now as we are moving forward, the trend is further accelerated towards more technologically sound devices and Rollable smartphones, the next big thing in the smartphone industry. While Oppo, LG and unexpectedly TCL is working on Rollable phones, Xiaomi has released a patent which shows that the Chinese company is likewise all set to join the race of Rollable Smartphones. Xiaomi Rollable Smartphone patent is from last year which filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office- USPTO.

The patent showcases a visionary device having a retractable display which stretches sideways in order to transform the phone into a tablet.

Xiaomi Rollable Smartphone Shows a Stunning Device

Below is the patent from LetsGo Digital, revealing how the Xiaomi rollable device might look like:

nited States Patent and Trademark Office

A concept creator named Jermaine Smith has used this patent to sketch how the device will look like if it becomes a reality. No doubt, the device looks royal and If Xiaomi is able to manufacture it the same way, no doubt it will be a super hit.

Below is the illustration from Jermaine Smith:

Jermaine Smit (aka Concept Creator) used the patent sketches to create a set of renders which better illustrate the concept device. We can see the device comes with a wraparound screen similar to the Mi Mix Alpha concept phone.

The image on the left shows how the device will look like in the original position whereas the right picture shows how the device will look like when unrolled into a tablet.

The video above showcases how the device will look like in the original. Well, it is just a patent so there is no surety whether it will become reality or not.  Only time will tell how the original device will look like so let’s wait and watch.

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