Y Combinator Appoints Qasar Younis as the New COO

Y Combinator has appointed its new Chief Operating Officer (COO), Qasar Younis, from rural Pakistan. Y Combinator is a renowned tech incubator from Silicon Valley.

Y Combinator Appoints Qasar Younis as the New COO

Qasar Younis belongs to Lala Musa which is the city of Gujrat district. He is the new second in command to manage all Y Combinator’s events, operations, finance and legal functions. He will also advise the startups being incubated.

Younis is 33 years old and was born in rural Pakistan but his parents emigrated to the US in 1988. His parents took jobs in the auto industry in Detroit. He was working towards the goal of becoming an engineer and working in an automobile company when he ended up in Kettering University where students work in the auto industry while pursuing their degrees.

Then he went on to attend Harvard Business School. He went on to work for another company before he decided to finally take the plunge in 2010.

After graduation, Qasar Younis decided to go the startup way and made TalkBin with a couple of friends and applied for Y Combinator’s program. Luckily they were accepted and graduated from Y Combinator’s 2011 class.

Then Younis joined the Google Maps team but stayed as a part-time partner in Y Combinator. In 2014, he left Google entirely and became a partner of Y Combinator.

Now Qasar Younis was made COO. His new role will entail him directly handling key affairs of the incubator as second in command. Qasar along with both co-founders belief Y Combinator is not any other scheme fund.

Y Combinator is a 9 year old firm and has rapidly made its mark on the technology industry all over the world. It has access to some of the best resources and contacts and it has used them to its extreme potential and has managed to become the best business program for tech startups

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